Party Rental

Looking for that perfect place to have a birthday party, family get-together, or group celebration! The average rental is two hours and we do allow guests to bring in decorations, refreshments, or food, and do gift opening in the FieldHouse area. Guests are asked to follow all facility rules but are welcome to bring in toys, music, and party favors.


 You will receive two hours of fun at the MHS Field House on Sunday during Open Rec times. (1:30pm-3:30pm) Be sure to fill out the Party form and turn it into the MHS Field House one week prior to your party.

Birthday Party Request Form

Fee: $75 for up to 10 adults & kids

We ask that a party form is required to have a party at the MHS FieldHouse. If you do not have a party reservation you are welcome to stay and play, however, the following items must be left at home or in your vehicle: gifts, party favors, cake & ice cream, decorations, and any other party accessories (including paper products & table cloths). Thank you for your cooperation!