Open Rec


All areas of the field house are open to the public. (Gym, Pool, Cardio Room & Weight Room) Please remember to first check-in at the front desk before you are allowed to participate in Open Recreation.

*Children 12 years and younger must be accompanied by an adult into the facilities.

  • Use our weight room equipment to stay fit! We have free weights, weight machines and much more!
  • Shoot hoops on one of 4 basketball courts!
  • Reserve a Tennis or Volleyball court and play with friends!
  • Use our cardio equipment!
  • Go Swimming!
  • Walk or Jog on our 133-meter indoor track!

Approximate number of laps to complete 1 mile

Lane 1- (Inside Lane) -      Leave open to avoid contact with basketball courts           

Lane 2 -                           12 3/4 Laps - Fast-paced runners

Lane 3 -                           12 1/2 Laps - Slow-paced runners and joggers

Lane 4 -(Outside Lane) -   12 1/4 Laps - Walkers/cool down